Social Media Marketing: Learning Strategies in Social Media to Build Your Business

I will say openly: Social media is a marketing tool that is exaggerated. Look at the statistics, it seems amazing ... ... in 2015 there were 38 million internet users in Indonesia, 79% of whom were active using social media at least once a month. Lots, right? Wait a second, before you go further, better you read some great article(s) from this site:   ExcuZily But in practice this is not the case. Most people who do social media marketing give up in a matter of months. Because there are no positive results they get to their business. Failed. Wait a minute ... I straightened it before the protest. Social media marketing is not bad. Many people fail because it is very easy to get stuck on the wrong track when using social media. Only this is usually done (and taught): Create an account, decorate with photos & complete the profile Create interesting posts to get likes / retweets That's not enough. Not enough. So that your efforts are not in vain, p